Why with the Whale?

"What is it about the whale? Why the funny logo?", people keep asking me. I always respond with the same little story, which happened a long time ago far, far away in the sea of knolwedge:

There once was a very little minke whale who was greatly curious about the world - as little whales often are. So he went here and there and watched and listened and tried to understand. He got many bits and fragments of knowledge from other whales. But the only thing he learned for sure was, that everybody else was darting back and forth frantically in search of knowledge. But nobody really had a broad picture.

One day the little minke whale became very depressed. He wanted to find the bottom of this. So he dived very deep. And still deeper he went. But still no bottom. And in his desperation and because he had very little oxygen left, he rose very quickly and darted out of the water. It was a giant leap. And for the first time the little minke whale had a clear view on the sea. That was when he began to understand things. When he splashed back under water he swam straight home to draw a map of what he had seen, so that others could join him in his new insights.

And when the others saw it, many stopped darting around for random bits of knowledge and instead helped in drawing maps. Many other whales leapt out of the water and more an more maps were produced. And soon the vast sea of knowledge became a much less daunting place.