The World at a Glance

Every day, new products are launched, new companies founded, new concepts evolve. Markets shift, strategies crumble, new alliances are forged. Can we stay on top of every development?

Every day, we scan myriads of tweets, posts, articles, books and the like. The supply of information is vast and ever expanding, access is easy and instant. But is there an important aspect we are missing? Do we realize all the connections, all the implications?

Do what the minke whale did: Lay back, gain some overview and draw a map. ;-)

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An experiment in social knowledge mapping

When attempting to gain comprehensive insight into a field of knowledge or some other complex subject matter, we often find ourselves at a loss with the typical tools of the modern information worker. Conventional search engines (Google), online encyclopedias (Wikipedia), Q&A websites, blogs, social media, etc. all provide us with a cornucopia of information. The web is exceedingly good at answering highly specific questions. But when we are striving for a general grip on a topic, a comprehensive overview of a field of knowledge, an understanding of complex structures and their relations, the web is much less effective in delivering.

So if the knowledge is already there, we just need some better representation! This is one reason why infographics are so popular: They "provide complex information quickly and clearly." (from Wikipedia) Most approaches to knowledge provided by the web are (still) text-based. Minkepedia is an attempt to provide a means of a standardized visual approach to represent complex fields of knowledge on the web.

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Guests are welcome

No registration is needed for browsing the knowledge maps of Minkepedia (aka Minke Maps) or the hierarchies of Minke Terms, the maps are built of. Although we are still at an early stage, there is useful content already, you will not find elsewhere.

Please bear with us, if we cannot yet provide the level of collaboration and social engagement we are envisioning. Registration is still restricted to friendly users. So is creating and editing Minke Maps and Terms.

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