About Minkepedia

An introduction to the project and its principal elements

Minkepedia is a fun social way to create overviews of fast moving fields of knowledge. Hosted in the cloud and optimized for mobile devices, it provides easy access to complex topics from virtually everywhere.

Creating and updating comprehensive overviews of complex topics (like e.g. areas of technology or economic ecosystems) is best done in collaboration, where each participant shares his expertise. At the same time insightful renditions of a field of knowledge are a creative act, thus authors are supported in teaming up in a way they see fit. Correct attribution is crucial as an incentive for participation and to foster reputation.

Diversity is important to us. One rendition of a field of knowledge cannot equally well represent all aspects of the topic nor can it express all individual views on it. Thus, Minkepedia facilitates the creation of diverse approaches to visualizing a field of knowledge and creating individual variations of these approaches (aka forking).

Minkepedia is a visual reference to topics of interest (aka Minke Terms) and their relations to one another. It does not provide detailed information about individual topics on itself, but merely acts as a pointer to authoritative resources in the web with Wikipedia as its main reference.

Minkepedia is a community effort. Its content can be freely accessed and everybody is invited to participate. Minkepedia is intended to be Open Source. The source code of the cloud app and this website will be published on Github.

Minkepedia is work in progress. We are still far from realizing our vision to its full extend.

See this (rather old but still mostly valid) slides for another quick introduction to the project: Minkepedia slides.